We offer highly-specialized and comprehensive programs to assist people of all ages, develop a sense of identity and purpose  so they may fulfill their highest potential. As well as programs that help support  our services for victims of domestic violence  that will enable them to cope successfully with their transition from victim to survivor.


Domestic Violence does not discriminate. It crosses all social, racial, educational and other demographics boundaries. Therefore, the need for preventative education is vital to the protection and safety of victims and potential victims of domestic violence. Friends of Yates, Inc. offers many resources to assist the community in raising its awareness about the issues related to domestic violence. Our Community Outreach Educator has training modules for community groups, corporations, churches, schools, and other agencies looking for resources, presentations and support related to domestic violence. Please contact our Community Outreach Educator at 913-321-1566 to book a speaker or training.


The Bridge S.P.A.N. Program is a hospital based victim advocacy program created with the purpose of acting as a link between hospitals and clinics to community resource  that are necessary to assist domestic violence survivors in breaking the cycle of violence. The Bridge S.P.A.N. Program of Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center offers survivors the following components: • Help in finding a safe place for them and their children • Help in obtaining Legal Resources • Linkage to individual or group counseling • Assistance in calling the police and filing charges • On-going support and connection to additional services in Wyandotte County. • Confidential on-site services • Education and support • Referrals to community resources • Safety Planning • Follow-up referral support   For Healthcare Providers and the Community: • Training Workshops about Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence • Technical Assistance with developing hospital wide protocols and procedures in meeting National Accreditation Standards. • Education and tools on screening patients for domestic violence.

Confidential services are offered to hospital/clinic patients and employees.


Pathway to Advocacy for Violence Free Living, & Economic Empowerment (P.A.V.E.). Is a special, voluntary program for families needing assistance from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and is an approved alternative to traditional work requirements for TANF recipients. The purpose of this program is to provide client-centered advocacy services to meet the needs of the participant, such as; safety planning; individual and group counseling; legal advocacy; and job search/employment related services. In addition, through P.A.V.E., Friends of Yates offers prevention services, which include parenting education workshops, healthy relationship education and a public awareness campaign. In addition, P.A.V.E. is a program based on your needs, while in P.A.V.E., an advocate may help you with safety planning, shelter, support groups, counseling, court, economic advocacy, prevention education in healthy relationships, financial literacy and help with your goals related to work or training.


In honor of Black History Month; Friends of Yates, Inc. hosts its annual Black Men and Women of Distinction Ceremony to recognize the community’s African American heroes. The Black Men & Women of Distinction award is presented to African-American Men and Women who have worked tirelessly to become trailblazers in their Professional, Educational and Social aspirations. Through these individual’s commitment to excellence, lives have been transformed and empowered to greatness.

The “Black Men & Women of Distinction” Awards are given in (3) categories:

  • Portrait of a Black Man/Portrait of a Black Woman
  • Donald D. Sewing Prestigious Service Award
  • Black Men & Women of Distinction Award

The Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E.) was developed after the death of a 10 year old girl in Kansas City, Kansas. This tragic event created uproar among many community leaders throughout Kansas City, Kansas.  On Tuesday, October 27, 1998, a community forum was called by Friends of Yates, Inc. and the Baptist Minister’s Union to bring together community leaders to discuss possible solutions and raise awareness about the heightened threat of violence in the area. 19 years later, Friends of Yates, Inc., Wyandotte County Office of District Attorney's Victim Assistance Program and the Kansas City, Kansas Police Dept. Victim Services Unit are still holding the forum and candle lighting service during National Crime Victims' Rights Week every year. Check Below to see a past C.A.C.E event.