Friends of Yates, Inc. is a community based agency with a full continuum of services including domestic violence prevention and intervention programming, community response to crime, youth development, and many other supportive services to thousands of persons each year.


Friends of Yates, Inc. reaches out to people across our community each year.  Our focus and service programs have allowed us to meet the needs of our community at a variety of different levels.  Though the cause may be domestic violence and/or poverty; we are helping individuals to rebuild their integrity, reclaim their independence, and foster an empowered level of self-esteem.



To learn about our programs or to become involved with Friends of Yates, Inc., please call our Administrative Offices at (913) 321-1566.


24 Hour Crisis Line

The Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center operates a crisis hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist victims of domestic violence.  Whatever your need, information about shelter, direction on obtaining supportive services, or just need someone to talk listen; we are here willing to assist you.  Your safety is our primary goal.


Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center

In 1980, Friends of Yates received a grant from the Governor’s Committee on Criminal Administration and also from United Way to open the first and only battered women’s shelter in Wyandotte County.  Within 24 hours of its opening, the shelter had reached capacity. 


Friends of Yates, Inc. is a participant of the collaboration of shelters known as the Metropolitan Family Violence Coalition (MFVC), which represents six domestic violence programs in the Greater Metropolitan Area. 


The Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center is dedicated to providing a safe, warm and caring environment to victims of domestic violence.  Our supportive services promote and empower domestic violence victims in establishing “violence free” lives. 


The goal of the Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center is to build a coalition among service providers that will promote effective communication and ensure quality comprehensive services to victims; while supporting and affirming ideas that empower victims of domestic violence.  Our center offers an opportunity for victims to take full advantage of regaining their lives without the threat of violence or feeling as if they are unsafe and alone.  We provide for many victims a sense of serenity and peace for what seems to be the first time.


Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center is unlike any other program.  Our caring staff will embrace you and your children as you work to recover.


Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center offers:

  • Safety and supportive services to women and their dependent children

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Strength based case management

  • Substance abuse counseling

  • Housing and job assistance



                             Bridge Span Program


The Bridge Span Program is located in Providence Hospital and was created with the purpose of acting as a link between the hospital and community resources that are necessary to break the cycle of domestic violence.


Advocacy is provided to victims of domestic violence on-site at hospitals and  at a critical time before they return to the abuser and fall back into the cycle.  Services are offered to patients, employees and others affected by domestic violence.


The Bridge Span Program of Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center has the following


  • Help in finding a safe place for you and your children

  • Help in obtaining Legal Resources

  • Linkage to individual or group counseling

  • Assistance in calling the police and filing charges

  • On-going support and connection to additional services in Wyandotte County.

Cycle of Violence



To meet with an advocate, please contact the Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center (913) 321-0951

The Advocates are available 24 Hours a Day

Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort


The Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort was developed after the death of a 10 year old girl in Kansas City   Kansas. This tragic event created an   uproar amongst many community leaders throughout the Kansas City Kansas area.

 On Tuesday, October 27, 1998, a community forum was called by Friends of Yates, Inc. and the Baptist Minister’s Union to bring together community leaders throughout the area. A consensus came from the group that Wyandotte County needed a community-based organization with a focus primarily on crime.  Shortly afterward, the first meeting of Crime Awareness Coordinating Effort (C.A.C.E) was held.


 To research, develop, connect and implement crime intervention strategies, which focus on high risk, depressed neighborhoods in Wyandotte county.


·         Develop partnerships with other organizations which have a common purpose

·          Provide awareness of existing services and programs related to crime.

·          Explore the Gaps in services.

·          Develop services and programs as needed.

·          Serve as a vehicle for keeping the community informed.

·          Provide a structure to allow accountability for crime reduction  efforts.



  •  MONDAY NIGHT FORUMS - Quarterly



  • Partner Working Against Crime’s “Community Day” Event




                             Court Advocacy


The Friends of Yates, Inc.-Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center Court Advocate recognizes the emotional and tremendous perplexity of a victim survivor navigating through a very complex legal system.  Our Court Advocate is willing to walk with you every step of the way.


The Friends of Yates court advocate is here to assist victim survivors in navigating through the court proceedings to ensure her safety.  Our court advocate becomes for many women the primary support system at court when she deals with the challenges of facing the abuser again, a judge, and is simply not sure what to expect from this unfamiliar situation.


The Friends of Yates court advocate also helps to ensure that the lines of communication between the agency, victims, and law officials remains open, clear, and precise.  Our Court Advocacy team leads the way in assisting with training opportunities for law enforcement personnel to keep them in the know about the dynamics of domestic violence.


In short, The Friends of Yates Court Advocate

  • Helps women access and navigate the legal system through support and advocacy

  • Helps to coordinate trainings with local law enforcement

  • Assists victims in filing petitions for Protection From Abuse Orders


                             Community Training


Domestic Violence has no discrimination.  It crosses all racial, social, educational and other demographic boundaries.  Therefore, the need for preventative education is vital to the protection and safety of victims and potential victims of domestic violence.


Friends of Yates, Inc. offers many resources to assist the community in raising its awareness about the issues related to domestic violence.  Our Community Outreach Educator has training modules for community groups, corporations, churches, schools, and other agencies looking for resources, presentations and/or support related to domestic violence.  Please contact our Community Outreach Educator at 913-321-1566 to book a speaker or investigate training.



                             Keep A Clear Mind


The Keep a Clear Mind, a program component of SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) is a comprehensive and beneficial curriculum that has proven results in helping students resist drug pressure and educating parents.

The program consists of four take-home lessons dealing with tobacco, alcohol,     marijuana and saying no to drugs.


These lessons are to be sent home at the beginning of each week.

 The students are then asked to complete these lessons with the help of their parents.

Students will receive small prizes for completing each weekly lesson.

After the four weeks of lessons, follow-up will consist of five bi-weekly parent news- letters. These newsletters will help aide the continuation and implementation of the skills learned. KACM requires minimal effort on the part of each classroom. It is an easy and cost-free way for schools to address known risk factors for substance abuse. The Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams staff will assist the schools with further information as requested.


The Keep a Clear Mind program Facilitates parent-child dialogue about the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Together, parents and their children learn about the dangers of these substances and practice ways to say no. As part of the lessons, parents learn about their important role and have the opportunity to communicate with their child the expectation that their child will not use these substances.





Transitional Housing Support Services


The Transitional Housing Program provides support and therapeutic services to families residing in the Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center for up to 24 months.  This program utilizes the core values of strength based case management to assist survivors in becoming self-sustainable.  No matter where they come from, our case managers help them  see past their crisis and embrace their future, a future that is violence free.


During their two years in Transitional Housing, a woman and her children continue to benefit from Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center resources, they learn to become independent, make short term goals that have long range possibilities, and learn to live from themselves and their children; no longer for the abuser. 


The Della Gill/ Joyce H. Williams Transitional Housing Center offers:

  •  Information about domestic violence: Cycle of violence, Power and Control Wheel
    · Strength-based Case Management and domestic violence counseling
    · Transitional Housing Center-based classes and self-improvement group sessions
    · Information and referral to community agencies for housing, transportation, employment/vocational services, financial assistance, counseling, clothing and health needs
    · Domestic Violence education/ support groups, as well as individual and group counseling
    · OARS (Orientation, Advocacy, Referral, Safety) advocates work to reduce barriers for domestic violence victims that receive cash assistance through SRS
    · Financial and budgeting classes (life skills)
    · HIV/STD classes
    · Healthy Parenting classes
    · Job Coaching and Career Development
    · A Healthy Life Style/Nutrition classes/Gardening
    · Spiritual Enrichment groups (optional)
    · Child Care Advocacy services
    · Recreational activities, a playground for children, special outings for adults, and family outings

            Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention



Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention (S.A.P.I) is a program developed by Friends of Yates, to prevent intervene and education regarding substance abuse, with emphasis on alcohol, among youth and to provide alternative activities to enhance their well being.

S.A.P.I offers youth, aged 6 to 18, social, physical, educational and recreational activities 5 days per week.  The Substance Abuse Coordinator and other professionals in the area of substance abuse will coordinate educational, prevention, interventional activities and group counseling sessions.  In addition, they will help the participants identify their own personal potential positive self development.


  · Domestic/ Rape Abuse Awareness

 · Group Sessions on Drug Prevention

 · Professional Speakers (Police, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, etc.

 · Individual/Group Intervention Sessions for Parents

 · Cultural & Educational Events

 · Health Awareness

 · Teen Speakers from Chemical Dependent Families

 · Referrals to Drug Treatment Facilities

· Motivational Speakers

· Recreational Activities

· Arts & Crafts